Two Passengers Plunge Into Lagos Lagoon in Accident

On Wednesday, an unsettling accident unfolded in Lagos, resulting in two adults being ejected from an 18-seater bus and plummeting into the Lagos Lagoon. The incident, which occurred near the Adeniyi Adele axis on the Third Mainland Bridge, caused significant commotion and raised concerns over the safety of those involved.

Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, the Lagos Territorial Coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), issued a statement addressing the calamity. According to Farinloye, personnel from the Marine Police have initiated a search operation to locate the two individuals, identified as a male and a female, who were ejected from the LT 18-seater bus during the crash.

The sequence of events leading to the accident unfolded as the bus, registered under the number FKJ 872 YA, was navigating towards Lagos Island. Farinloye highlighted that the driver’s excessive speed led to a loss of control, causing the vehicle to collide with the bridge railings. The impact of the collision propelled the unfortunate passengers off the bus and into the Lagos Lagoon, prompting immediate search efforts by the Marine Police to locate and rescue the victims.

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