Benylin Cough Syrup Recalled by NAFDAC

The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has issued a recall for Benylin Paediatrics Syrup, a product manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, in response to recent laboratory findings indicating toxicity levels beyond acceptable standards. According to NAFDAC, laboratory analysis conducted on the syrup revealed elevated levels of Diethylene glycol, a compound known to cause acute oral toxicity in laboratory animals.

The announcement, published on NAFDAC’s website, underscores the severity of the situation, highlighting the potential health risks associated with the consumption of the contaminated product. Diethylene glycol, when ingested, can lead to various adverse effects including abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, altered mental state, and acute kidney injury, which can be fatal.

Benylin Paediatric syrup, intended for the relief of cough and related symptoms in children aged two to 12 years, is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson in Cape Town, South Africa. The specific batch under recall, numbered 329304 and manufactured in May 2021 with an expiry date of April 2024, has prompted NAFDAC to advise importers, distributors, retailers, and consumers to exercise caution and vigilance throughout the supply chain to prevent the importation, distribution, sale, and use of substandard or contaminated regulated products.

NAFDAC has urged individuals in possession of the recalled product to immediately discontinue its sale or use and submit the remaining stock to the nearest NAFDAC office. Additionally, healthcare professionals and consumers are encouraged to report any adverse reactions or side effects associated with the use of this product, as well as any suspicions of substandard or falsified medicines, to NAFDAC for further investigation and action.

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