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Authorities believe that individuals within the organization may be responsible for the death of the finance director in Ogun

The Commissioner of Police in Ogun State, Abiodun Alamutu, has revealed that individuals within the organization are suspected to be involved in the murder of Mr. Taiwo Oyekanmi, the Director of Finance in Governor Dapo Abiodun’s office, which occurred on Wednesday.

Oyekanmi was fatally shot while returning from the bank, where he had gone to withdraw funds for the state using a bullion van.

In a telephone interview conducted late on Wednesday, Alamutu expressed that the robbery and murder appeared to be premeditated. He raised questions about the well-prepared nature of the armed robbers, particularly noting their possession of a sledgehammer to break into the bullion van.

The Commissioner suggested that the gunmen likely had inside information, indicating that someone within the organization informed them about the deceased’s planned visit to the bank for withdrawals.

“Based on the available information, it is evident that the incident was premeditated, and it appears to involve individuals within the organization. We are inclined to believe this because of the strategic nature of the attack—how did the perpetrators anticipate the need for a hammer to break into the receptacle?

It seems likely that they were either surveilling the bank area, waiting for the victim, or that he was being trailed to that location. Additionally, they seemed to possess inside information regarding the significant amount of money the deceased was planning to withdraw from the bank. Our investigation is actively addressing these aspects.

The armed robbers arrived at the scene in a Toyota Corolla with an as-yet-unknown registration number. There were approximately five of them, all wearing hoods to conceal their identities. We are determined to exhaust all efforts to apprehend them and bring them to justice by the grace of God,” Commissioner Alamutu disclosed.

On Wednesday afternoon, the late Mr. Oyekanmi reportedly visited a branch of Fidelity Bank in Oke-Ilewo to withdraw N97.335 million in cash and an additional N15 million from Sterling Bank, also located in Oke-Ilewo, Abeokuta.

While on the Kuto flyover, the robbers intercepted the bullion van transporting the total sum of N112.335 million. They used a sledgehammer taken from their Toyota vehicle to break into the van. The occupants of the van included the driver, identified as Lekan Akintoye, and another individual named Peter Samson. Unfortunately, among the three, only Mr. Oyekanmi was recognized and shot dead with an AK-47 rifle.

Commissioner Alamutu confirmed that the bullion van was not accompanied by any police escort during the incident. It was revealed that the assigned mobile police officer, Inspector Rasheed Adegbite, who should have been with the homemade bullion van, had reportedly traveled to Igbo-Ora in Oyo State on Tuesday without proper authorization. This absence of police protection may have contributed to the vulnerability of the van during the attack.

Following the incident, Inspector Rasheed Adegbite, the mobile police officer who was absent from his post, has been apprehended for further investigation, as indicated by a widely circulated police signal from the Ibara Police Divisional Headquarters.

In the wake of this tragedy, various responses and comments have emerged, initiating discussions and inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the untimely death of the finance director. The community and the public at large are beginning to express their thoughts and opinions on this distressing event.

Femi Aina, a legal practitioner and Senatorial candidate in Ogun West, has characterized the demise of Oyekanmi as preventable had the state government prioritized his outings with a police escort.

Expressing bewilderment at the decision to transport a substantial sum of money without adequate security, Aina suggested that the state commissioner of finance should be reevaluating his position in light of this lapse.

Aina advised the grieving family of the late Oyekanmi to consider consulting a lawyer, emphasizing that employers bear the responsibility of safeguarding their employees from potential harm. He underscored the importance of holding employers accountable for fulfilling their duty to ensure the safety of their staff.

Sending an individual to the bank to retrieve an amount exceeding N100 million without the accompaniment of a police escort is deemed inadequate, according to Femi Aina, a legal practitioner and Senatorial candidate in Ogun West.

Aina expressed his perplexity over the decision not to seek police assistance or a replacement from the police headquarters as part of risk management. He criticized the apparent inaction, emphasizing that this oversight has tragically resulted in the loss of someone’s father, uncle, or even son.

Describing the task assigned to the late Oyekanmi as a “killer errand,” Aina questioned the rationale behind instructing him to withdraw such a substantial amount of money without the necessary police protection. He further raised concerns about the purpose of handling such a significant cash amount.

Aina went on to suggest that the Commissioner for Finance in Ogun State should reconsider his position, indicating a need for accountability in the decision-making process that led to this unfortunate outcome.

In addition, while extending condolences to the grieving family, Olaposi Oginni, the National Secretary of the New Nigeria People’s Party, remarked that there appears to be a flaw in the security architecture of Ogun State, particularly concerning the police. This observation reflects a broader concern about the overall security measures in place within the state.

Oginni characterized the assault as a severe condemnation of the Ogun State Police Command, advocating for an urgent change in the leadership of the state’s security agencies to signal accountability and hasten the apprehension of those responsible for the security breakdown.

He asserted that an attack on the state’s bullion van in broad daylight, just a short distance from the Governor’s office, is unacceptable and demands swift corrective action.

As of the current report filing, there has been no communication or update from the state police command regarding the ongoing investigation into the incident.


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