Three Individuals Perish in Quest for Cellphone in Pit Latrine

The Kano Fire Service confirmed a tragic incident on Monday, revealing that three individuals lost their lives in an attempt to retrieve a cell phone from a pit toilet at Yar’Gwanda Village in Tsanyawa Local Government Area of the state. Among the deceased were Malam Danjuma, aged 60, known as Black, his son Ibrahim, 35, and Aminu Gaye, also 35. The spokesperson for the Kano Fire Service, Alhaji Saminu Abdullahi, shared this sorrowful news in a press statement issued on Sunday, shedding light on the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incident.

Despite the grim outcome, there was a glimmer of hope as one individual, Abba Alasan, aged 28, was successfully rescued from the perilous situation. The emergency call that alerted the fire service came from Tsanyawa Fire Station at approximately 11:00 a.m., reporting the entrapment of four men inside a pit toilet as they attempted to assist each other. The rescue team swiftly mobilized and arrived at the scene by 11:15 a.m., encountering a harrowing scenario.

According to Abdullahi, the sequence of events leading to the tragedy involved Danjuma attempting to retrieve a cell phone that had fallen into the pit toilet, inadvertently becoming trapped himself. Subsequently, his son Ibrahim entered the toilet to rescue his father but became ensnared. Gaye and Alasan followed suit in a valiant effort to aid the trapped individuals, only to find themselves in the same dire predicament. Despite the prompt response and heroic efforts, the rescue mission ended in tragedy, with three lives lost and one survivor, Abba Alasan, fortunately rescued and received medical attention.

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