Kano Government Attributes "Strange" Deaths to Severe Malaria and Typhoid

The Kano State Ministry of Health has attributed the recent spike in deaths in Gundutse village, Kura Local Government Area, to severe malaria and typhoid. According to a statement from the ministry’s Information Officer, Ibrahim Abdullahi, the Epidemiology Unit found that these common but serious illnesses, along with environmental health challenges, were responsible for the deaths of 13 individuals, starting in March 2024.

Initial reports suggested a mysterious illness was sweeping through Gundutse village, with residents reporting symptoms such as malaria, diarrhea, and vomiting. Concerns escalated when the community began burying five people daily, indicating a severe health crisis. However, the health ministry clarified that there was no “strange disease” outbreak in the state and that the situation was attributed to known illnesses prevalent in the area.

The ministry’s response included conducting a thorough investigation in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Centre in Kura LGA. The findings revealed alarming environmental health challenges exacerbating the health risks faced by the community. Factors such as sanitation practices, overcrowding, and breeding grounds for mosquitoes contributed to the proliferation of disease vectors and public health deterioration.

To address the situation, the ministry recommended immediate action, including advocacy visits, active case searches, provision of free drugs, environmental chlorination, and intensified surveillance. Additionally, collaboration among relevant Ministries and Departments was deemed crucial to mitigate the occurrence of the diseases and prevent further transmission.

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