Nollywood's Shan George Loses N3.6m to Fraudsters

Veteran actress Shan George has turned to her Instagram platform for assistance after discovering that her Zenith Bank account was emptied of N3.6 million by an individual identified as Cecilia Chiagoziem Okoro. She shared this distressing news on Friday, posting a screenshot of the debit alert and pleading for help from her followers and the bank.

In her Instagram post, the actress expressed her desperation, stating, “I need help cos I’m dy!ng. This person has just cleared my account. Pls my pple, everyone pls help. Pls Zenith Bank, Reverse it. I can’t access my app. I’m De@D.” The urgency of her situation was palpable as she sought assistance from both her audience and the bank.

In a heartfelt video shared on her Instagram account, Shan George directly appealed to Zenith Bank and law enforcement agencies, including EFCC and the Nigerian police, for intervention. She emphasized the gravity of her predicament, highlighting the individual responsible for transferring the funds to an Opay account and expressing her dire need for support.

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