Gospel Star Bidemi Olaoba Apologizes to White Garment Churches

Renowned gospel artiste Bidemi Olaoba has extended an apology to white garment churches after a video of his remarks stirred controversy on social media platforms. During an interview with Pastor Lekan Adeboye on the TV live show ‘Confession Box with PLA’, Olaoba stated his reluctance to perform in churches where scents and incense are used. He attributed his stance to the presence of candles, perfumes, and other spiritual materials during prayers and services in such churches.

In his apology, Olaoba stressed his belief in the universality of the gospel and expressed regret for any misunderstandings stemming from his earlier remarks. He clarified that the church mentioned in the video was not a white garment church, urging viewers to watch the full video on YouTube for accurate context. Olaoba reaffirmed his commitment to serving as an instrument of praise and unity within the body of Christ.

Highlighting his connections with the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Olaoba emphasized his respect for the church and acknowledged his participation in significant events organized by the CCC. He urged the public to dismiss any insinuations of division within the body of Christ and reiterated his positive relationships with members of the CCC.

Following the viral spread of Olaoba’s interview, stakeholders in the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide reacted strongly, condemning his comments. Additionally, some youths of the church called for members to unfollow the gospel musician on social media platforms. This reaction prompted a Facebook page, CelestialFocus, to direct members to unfollow Olaoba, with comments expressing support for this decision and criticism of Olaoba’s remarks.

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