Navy Saves 250 Passengers from Overturned Boat in Rivers

In a swift and heroic rescue effort, the Nigerian Navy has successfully saved more than 250 passengers from a tragic fate aboard a capsized boat in Rivers State. The distressing incident unfolded when the three-deck wooden vessel, named MV PRECIOUS EMMANUEL, embarked from a local market in the Sangana area of Bayelsa State, setting sail towards Rivers State late in the evening on April 28, 2024.

According to Commodore A. Adams-Aliu, the Director of Information for the Navy, the ill-fated journey took a perilous turn as the boat encountered turbulent waters, ultimately colliding with a submerged obstacle. This collision led to the vessel overturning, imperiling the lives of all onboard. Thankfully, the vigilant personnel of Naval Security Station 023 stationed along Cawthorne Channel promptly sprang into action, executing a daring rescue mission under challenging circumstances.

Adams-Aliu emphasized the precarious conditions under which the passengers traveled, highlighting the absence of essential safety measures such as life jackets and life-saving equipment aboard the overloaded boat. Despite the absence of these critical safeguards, the swift response of the Navy personnel ensured that no lives were lost in this harrowing ordeal. The successful rescue operation underscores the Navy’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure maritime environment, as outlined in the Strategic Directive of the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ogalla.

In light of the recent surge in maritime accidents across the country, including the tragic loss of actor Pope Odonwodo and three others in a boat mishap in Delta State, the Navy reiterates the importance of prioritizing safety measures and equipping vessels with essential life-saving equipment. As maritime operators navigate Nigeria’s waterways, adherence to safety protocols remains paramount to safeguarding precious lives and preventing further tragedies on the high seas.

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