Policeman reveals reason for rejecting N150 million bribe

Superintendent of Police Ibrahim Sini revealed that he rejected a N150m bribe offered by Lagos-based businessman Akintoye Akindele to maintain peace of mind. Akindele, who was arraigned at the Federal High Court in Abuja in August 2023 and remanded in the Kuje correctional center, offered the bribe to evade the country and secure a favorable police report.

Speaking at a dinner organized in his honor in Abuja, Sini recounted the incident, explaining that Akindele had tempted him with the opportunity to become wealthy. Sini emphasized his preference for peace of mind over ill-gotten wealth, stating that he chose to do the right thing for his conscience, the Nigeria Police, and the country. He encouraged the youth to value integrity, asserting that it is possible to stand firm in the face of challenges.

At the event, Sini was awarded a plot of land in Abuja. Federal Capital Territory Commissioner of Police, Benneth Igweh, praised Sini’s conduct, highlighting the pride it brought to the Nigeria Police Force. The CEO of Vegas Homes, Chukwuemeka Okoye, commended Sini’s integrity, noting that his actions should serve as an inspiration and proof that the Nigerian Police Force includes men of good conduct and ethical standards.

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