Governor Dauda Lawal Zamfara State

Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State has officially enacted the 2024 budget, totaling N426 billion, titled the Budget of Rescue. This budget, greenlit by the Zamfara State House of Assembly last Friday, emphasizes key areas for development, such as security, education, agriculture, health, infrastructure, and more.

According to Sulaiman Bala Idris, the Governor’s spokesperson, 27% of the budget, around N118.3 billion, is allotted for recurrent expenses, while 75% of the total, approximately N308.2 billion, is earmarked for capital investments. The focus is on bolstering domestic and foreign investments, enhancing productivity, and fostering a conducive business environment in Zamfara State.

The breakdown of the budget includes allocations for different sectors: Administration receives 17% at N72.1 billion; the Economic Sector gets 57% at N244.7 billion; the Social Sector is allotted 24% at N103.1 billion, and the Law and Justice Sector receives 2% at N6.6 billion.

Furthermore, specific allocations are directed towards key sub-sectors: N38.1 billion for Agriculture, N51.4 billion for Education, N33.9 billion for Health, and a substantial N109 billion for Infrastructure & Urban Development.

Notably, the rescue budget aims to address the challenges posed by the current economic hardships and insecurity. It allocates substantial funds for social intervention programs, including micro-credit for Small and Medium Enterprises, the FADAMA Program to ensure food security, and initiatives to combat poverty. Additionally, a focus on bolstering Skills Acquisition programs aims to generate employment opportunities for the state’s sizable population.

The budget aligns with Governor Lawal’s long-term vision and strategic plan, emphasizing citizen-centric projects that directly respond to the desires and ambitions of the people. Importantly, it maintains balance, ensuring that the projected revenue matches the estimated expenditure, signifying a thoughtful and responsible financial plan for the state’s growth and development.

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