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Pope Francis has authorized Roman Catholic priests to offer blessings to couples in same-sex relationships.


Pope Francis has officially sanctioned the blessing of same-sex couples in a noteworthy departure from Vatican doctrine, as outlined in a document approved by the pope on Monday.

The approved blessings can take place as long as they are not integrated into regular Church rituals or liturgies and are not conducted simultaneously with a civil union, according to the Vatican document. This development elaborates on the pope’s initial gesture towards blessing same-sex couples in October and signifies a departure from the 2021 ruling of the Vatican doctrine office, which prohibited any blessings, stating that God “cannot bless sin.”

Since July 2023, Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, an Argentinian prelate and ally of Pope Francis, has led the doctrine department, bringing a different perspective compared to his predecessors. The declaration, authored by Cardinal Fernandez and another official, emphasizes that an exhaustive moral analysis should not be a prerequisite for granting a blessing when people request one.

The new ruling explicitly states that it opens “the possibility of blessings for couples in irregular situations and for couples of the same sex,” while leaving decisions to the “prudent and fatherly discernment of ordained ministers.”

James Martin, a Jesuit priest serving the LGBTQ community, views this as a “major step forward in the church’s ministry to LGBTQ people.” He notes that it acknowledges the profound desire of many Catholic same-sex couples for God’s presence in their loving relationships.

Pope Francis, who initiated efforts to shift the church’s stance on LGBTQ Catholics in 2013 with his famous “Who am I to judge?” remark, has consistently indicated support for the civil recognition of same-sex couples. His approach seeks to soften the Vatican’s language regarding gay individuals and promote a more inclusive perspective.


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iambuike: Watch people defend him , because he is a man of god , clowns , these people are all working for s*t*n , I h@te all of them so much because they deceive gullible people who can’t think for there selves, both pastors and reverend fathers , all clowns 🤡.

soloblinkz: They need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah at this point.

dear_hopeee: Dear Angel Gabriel, kindly blow the trumpet. We’re ready.

drink_water001: So nobody get pope handle for instagram or X. Make we go greet am!!!.

abubakar_yv: Andrew Tate said when you’re too tolerance about everything you stand for nothing. Does Christianity stand anything today 🤔





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