Shaibu PhotoShaibu confidently asserts that he will become the candidate for the PDP

Shaibu confidently asserts that he will become the candidate for the PDP

Edo State Deputy Governor and a contender for the Peoples Democratic Party’s nomination in the upcoming gubernatorial election, Philip Shaibu, confidently stated that no one can prevent him from securing the party’s governorship ticket.

This declaration was reported by DWORLDGIST  after Shaibu announced his intention to participate in the 2024 governorship election on Monday. The Independent National Electoral Commission had previously scheduled the election for September 21, 2024.

With a political career spanning 30 years and a collaborative effort with Governor Godwin Obaseki over the past seven years to enhance the state, the deputy governor asserted that he is in the prime position to succeed his principal.

On Tuesday, during an appearance on Channels TV Sunrise Daily program, Shaibu stated, “I can guarantee that I will obtain the ticket, and both my name and the party will appear on the ballot. Nothing will disrupt this because my name will be on it.

My name will be submitted to INEC, and I will be the party’s candidate in the election because I don’t take actions without proper verification. I have conducted extensive consultations and received assurances.”

Shaibu also acknowledged that Adams Oshiomhole is like a father to him and expressed his intention to apologize to him when the time is right.

Shaibu affirmed the amicable nature of his relationship with Adams Oshiomhole, describing him as still being like a father to him. He clarified that although they are in different political parties, he values their cordial bond.

Shaibu expressed his happiness about Governor Obaseki’s recent invitations to Oshiomhole for political events, a development he had been hoping for.

He acknowledged the need to extend an apology to Oshiomhole for certain words used during the election but emphasized that, based on the principle of supporting Obaseki, he will continue to support the governor as it aligns with what he believes God has guided him to do.

During the formal declaration of his gubernatorial ambition on Monday, Shaibu asserted his determination by stating, “Nobody can stop my ambition.” Looking ahead to the 2024 election, he pledged to deliver practical governance if elected as the governor of the state.

Shaibu also discussed a past incident that led to a crisis, where he congratulated Oshiomhole in the Senate, causing complications due to the governor’s approach regarding associations with friends and foes.

He indicated that he was waiting for Governor Obaseki to initiate reconciliation with Oshiomhole before making his own move.

With the recent gestures of inviting Oshiomhole to political functions, Shaibu now feels emboldened to reach out and extend an apology to Oshiomhole.

Shaibu, expressing his commitment to providing effective governance, stated, “The people of Edo have urged me to run, recognizing me not just as a commoner but as an authentic son of the soil who understands their needs. With the grace of God, I am confident that we will implement tangible and practical governance.”

In addition to his assurance of delivering practical governance, Shaibu highlighted the trust placed in him by the people of Edo, who view him as a genuine and relatable figure capable of addressing their concerns. This sentiment reflects a deep connection with the local community and a commitment to addressing their specific needs.

As he embarks on his gubernatorial journey, Shaibu’s emphasis on practical governance suggests a hands-on and results-oriented approach, aiming to bring about tangible improvements in the lives of the people.

This approach aligns with his acknowledgment of the expectations placed on him by the residents of Edo, who see him as more than just a political figure but as one of their own.


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