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Tibaijuka states she did not grant approval for the construction of the BRT bus depot in Jangwani


Former Tanzanian Minister for Lands, Housing, and Human Settlements Development, Professor Anna Tibaijuka, has distanced herself from the flood-prone area of Jangwani, where the construction of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) main depot took place. She clarified that she did not authorize the permit for the project to be built in that location.

Tibaijuka asserted, “I opposed the construction at Jangwani. The entire government is aware of this, but I lacked the authority to prevent it. As an urban planning expert, I emphasized that constructing a bus station in a waterlogged area is impractical, as water will inundate the site.”

She highlighted that decisions regarding urban planning were made by the president and not by experts. Tibaijuka noted that the construction of the Jangwani BRT depot faced challenges due to a lack of political will, and emphasized that if the top authority had made a different decision, the bus depot would not have been situated there. These statements were made during an interview with a local television station.

The Jangwani BRT Depot, inaugurated in 2015 by the late President John Magufuli, has faced recurrent disruptions from floods during the rainy season, causing damage to road infrastructure and occasional closures of roads.

In response to concerns, the Ministry of Environment and Union, led by then-minister January Makamba in 2016, established a special committee to investigate why the BRT depot was constructed in the Jangwani area. Despite the formation of the committee, there has been a lack of subsequent details on its findings.

The situation has prompted statements and directives from various senior government officials, addressing the challenges posed by the location, particularly during the heavy rainy season. This has become a significant concern for Dar es Salaam residents, given that the area serves as one of the primary gateways to the central business district, including Posta and Kariakoo. The ongoing issues surrounding the Jangwani BRT Depot have underscored the need for a comprehensive and sustainable resolution to ensure the functionality and resilience of critical infrastructure in the region.

BRT bus depot in flood

The Jangwani BRT Depot, inaugurated in 2015 under the leadership of the late President John Magufuli, has experienced recurrent disruptions due to flooding during the rainy season. This has resulted in damage to road infrastructure and, at times, necessitated the closure of roads.

Tibaijuka states she did not grant approval for the construction of the BRT bus depot in Jangwani


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