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Same-sex saga: If devil wants to end Christianity, his initial target would be Catholic church – Fr Kelvin

In a startling revelation, Rev Fr Kelvin Ugwu, a Nigerian missionary priest serving in Gambia, has expressed his belief that the devil could potentially annihilate Christianity by targeting the Catholic Church.

This revelation comes in response to the recent controversial document endorsed by Pope Francis that seemingly approved blessings for same-sex couples.

The news, which initially surfaced earlier in the week, has created ripples of discontent and disagreement among Christians worldwide.

The Vatican’s unexpected approval of blessings for same-sex couples has led to a schism within the Catholic community, with numerous bishops distancing themselves from the document.

Fr Kelvin, taking to his verified Facebook page, urged his followers to refrain from participating in discussions or posts that mock the Christian faith.

“This is not the time for mockery. Don’t join those who have been looking for this opportunity to ridicule our faith in Christ,” he emphasized.

The missionary priest went on to voice his concerns about the ambiguity present in the Vatican’s document, asserting that the lack of clear stipulations has given rise to widespread controversy.

“A document that almost every Bishop had to explain and clarify to their diocesan people, the Catholic Bishops conferences had to explain, and priests had to explain to their parishioners both online and offline, is not a good document,” Fr Kelvin lamented.

He further highlighted the apparent deficiency in the document, noting, “Yes, the document did not say much or make any clear stipulations, and that is basically the problem with the document. What it did not say is more devastating than what it was trying to say.”

The controversy surrounding the Vatican’s approval of blessings for same-sex couples has not only triggered internal disagreements within the Catholic Church but has also drawn the attention of the broader Christian community.

Unbelievers have taken to social media to ridicule Christians in the wake of this development, intensifying the tensions surrounding the already contentious issue.

As the Catholic Church grapples with internal discord and external criticism, the words of Rev Fr Kelvin Ugwu serve as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by Christians globally in reconciling faith with evolving societal norms.

The impact of the Vatican’s decision continues to reverberate, prompting deep reflections and discussions within the Christian community at large.


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