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Harvard President Claudine Gay seeks corrections amid House panel plagiarism investigation

Harvard President Claudine Gay faces heightened scrutiny as she requests further corrections to her previous work, while a House committee expands its investigation into Harvard to include allegations of plagiarism.

According to a statement provided to CNN on Thursday, a Harvard spokesperson revealed that Gay intends to amend her 1997 PhD dissertation to address additional instances of “inadequate citation.”

These new corrections, as reported by The Harvard Crimson, come in addition to the ones Gay addressed last week regarding two scholarly articles from the 2000s. However, CNN’s review, published on Wednesday, identified that the previous corrections did not rectify more blatant instances of plagiarism in Gay’s earlier academic endeavors, including her dissertation.

Allegations of plagiarism against Gay initially surfaced from conservative activists and were later disseminated by the conservative publication, the Washington Free Beacon. These accusations emerged subsequent to her testimony on antisemitism at Harvard University.

President Gay recently made corrections to two papers authored in 2001 and 2017.

Foxx stated, “Harvard upholds rigorous academic and ethical standards.” Referring to the 2021-22 academic year, she cited the Harvard College Honor Council’s annual report, which detailed 42 plagiarism investigations, 35 exam cheating allegations, and 19 other Honor Code violations. Of these, 70 cases resulted in findings of responsibility, leading to academic probation or mandatory withdrawal.

In her letter, Foxx questions whether the university applies the same standards to its faculty, including the president. The Republican committee chair requested a written response by December 29, along with relevant documents concerning plagiarism and the university’s independent review.

Additionally, she sought a list of disciplinary actions taken against Harvard faculty or students for academic integrity violations or plagiarism since 2019.

Gay, in a prior statement, affirmed, “I maintain the integrity of my scholarship. Throughout my career, I have diligently ensured that my scholarly work adheres to the highest academic standards.”




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