FG to Launch Yearly Maternity Safety Scheme for motherhood

The Federal Government has introduced guidelines aimed at enhancing safe motherhood, with a target of reaching at least seven million pregnant women and six million newborn births annually. The Labour Care Guide and the Guidelines for Community Use of Misoprostol were launched in Abuja to coincide with the 2024 Safe Motherhood Day.

The initiative, part of the annual National Safe Motherhood Day on April 11, seeks to raise awareness and promote interventions to improve maternal and newborn health. Its goal is to ensure safe pregnancies through comprehensive antenatal care, skilled delivery, and postnatal support, ultimately reducing maternal and newborn mortality rates.

According to Prof Muhammad Pate, the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, safe motherhood encompasses a range of interventions, including antenatal care, skilled delivery, and postnatal care, to address the underlying causes of maternal mortality. Despite progress, challenges such as postpartum hemorrhage persist, emphasizing the need for accessible and quality maternal care nationwide.

The initiative aligns with President Bola Tinubu’s health agenda, focusing on population health outcomes and improving healthcare access. The government has allocated funds to enhance emergency obstetric care, provide necessary commodities for safe delivery, and support vulnerable groups. Additionally, the introduction of calibrated drapes aims to improve blood loss monitoring during childbirth, enhancing maternal health outcomes.

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