Ighodalo Refutes Allegations of Involvement in Shaibu's Impeachment

The allegations leveled against Asue Ighodalo, the gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State, regarding his involvement in the impeachment of the former Deputy Governor, Phillip Shaibu, have been vehemently denied by Ighodalo himself. Dismissing these claims as baseless, Ighodalo stated firmly that they were fabricated to besmirch his character and reputation.

In a statement released by his media team on Monday, Ighodalo addressed the accusations, labeling them as false and intended to damage his standing. The statement emphasized his lack of participation in any capacity in the public proceedings leading to Shaibu’s impeachment by the Edo State House of Assembly.

Highlighting the importance of setting the record straight, the statement reiterated Ighodalo’s complete disassociation from the events surrounding Shaibu’s removal from office. The denial was accompanied by a call for the public and media to treat the allegations with skepticism, emphasizing their unfounded nature.

Despite the distraction posed by these allegations, Ighodalo reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining a campaign focused on addressing pertinent issues rather than engaging in controversy. The impeachment of Shaibu by the state House of Assembly on April 8, following investigations into allegations of perjury and divulging government secrets, remains a separate legal matter from Ighodalo’s political pursuits.

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