FG, PECA Launch Test for 9 Cancers

In a collaborative effort between the federal government and the Partnership for Eradication of Cancer in Africa (PECA), the introduction of OncoSeek, a medical test capable of early detection of nine types of cancer, was announced during a stakeholders’ awareness and sensitization meeting held in Abuja.

President of PECA, Benjamin Ogbalor, highlighted OncoSeek as a groundbreaking multi-cancer early detection product and software algorithm, utilizing a blood sample. He emphasized its superiority over conventional clinical methods, citing its non-invasive nature, ease of use, efficiency, and robustness.

Ogbalor also mentioned ongoing efforts to enhance OncoSeek’s capabilities to detect two additional cancers, cervical and prostate, in the coming months. Coordinating Minister of Health, Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate, hailed the introduction of OncoSeek as a significant expansion of cancer screening methods in Nigeria, offering hope to millions by facilitating early detection and potentially preventing and treating these cancers successfully.

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