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Nasarawa PDP experiences internal division as Senator Ewuga supports Governor Sule

The Nasarawa State chapter of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is undergoing internal discord, with former Deputy Governor and ex-Minister, Senator Solomon Akku Ewuga, openly endorsing Governor Abdullahi Sule of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

This announcement comes just before the Supreme Court’s impending judgment on the Nasarawa State governorship election dispute. Following a visit to the Government House, Ewuga, in a statement to the press, affirmed that Governor Sule was duly re-elected by the people of Nasarawa State.

He conveyed his trust in the governor’s capacity to improve governance within the state and emphasized that his support was driven by a commitment to uphold what is morally right.

Despite intentionally staying away from public activities, Senator Ewuga acknowledged the inherent political nature of human beings. He pointed out that even during his period of withdrawal, he remained connected to the political dynamics in Nasarawa State.

Given his background in public service and extensive experience, he consistently finds himself inclined to affirm that the governor’s re-election was a justified decision in the first instance.

“The only issue is that it’s currently facing opposition.

“The verdict of the public has already articulated what I am about to express, and that’s essentially the situation,” he clarified.

Senator Ewuga, leveraging his background and experience in the private sector, commended Governor Sule’s ability to make substantial contributions to the governance of the state.

“Address the individual in front of you, and the individual I am referring to is Engineer Abdullahi Sule.

“He possesses diverse experiences, particularly in the private sector. These experiences influence his conduct, and it’s evident. My constant hope is for his success,” he affirmed.

Concerning his expected rejoining of the APC with his followers, Senator Ewuga clarified that despite no longer having political aspirations, he is returning to the groundwork he established to ensure its fulfillment.

“I am returning to the foundation we established. If one is revisiting the foundation they established, wouldn’t they wish for the construction to be finished? I believe it’s only appropriate to take the correct course of action,” he stressed.

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