On October 7, Inbar Haiman, aged 27, Hersh Goldberg-Polin, aged 23, and Carmel Gat, aged 39, were all abducted.

“She doesn’t deserve to wait for the next deal, just because she’s not somebody’s mother or grandmother,” writes Or Neko Maymon on Facebook in Hebrew.

Or Neko Maymon expressed on Facebook in Hebrew that Inbar Haiman, a 27-year-old street artist and art student, should not have to wait for the next deal solely because she is not a mother or grandmother. Inbar was abducted by Hamas from the Supernova music festival in Israel on October 7 and was seen in a hostage video days later with blood on her face. She is one of the 16 women Verify still held captive in Gaza after a seven-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

The ceasefire led to the release of 110 hostages, but the focus on female hostages has left families with mixed emotions.

Inbar’s partner, Or, has been actively campaigning for her release using the hashtag #FreePink. Despite the challenges, Or expressed his determination not to lose hope in seeing Inbar return.

In November, Inbar’s boyfriend, Noam Alon, staged a 10-day protest in Tel Aviv, urging the Israeli government to do more to secure her release.

115 out of 237 people taken hostage by Hamas are in Gaza, according to Israeli government spokesman information. Of the remaining hostages, there are at least 16 women and 95 men.

The article highlights the case of Shani Louk, who was killed after being kidnapped from the Supernova musical festival, and her boyfriend Orión Hernández Radoux, who remains captive.

Families of the hostages continue to provide mutual support through prayer groups and social media campaigns, seeking the release of their loved ones.


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