President Bola Tinubu has affirmed his administration’s dedication to putting an end to gas flaring in Nigeria as part of the global initiative to mitigate methane emissions. He conveyed this commitment during the United Nations Climate Conference (COP28) Summit in Dubai, where he shared the platform with COP28 President Dr. Sultan Ahmed al-Jabar, United States Special Envoy on Climate John Kerry, and Chinese Envoy on Climate Xie Zhenhue.

Tinubu highlighted Nigeria’s imposition of heavy penalties for gas flaring violations and commended the host country’s leadership in reducing greenhouse gases.

Acknowledging the imperative for participants to commit to limiting the Earth’s temperature increase to 1.5°C, Tinubu emphasized Nigeria’s commitment to critical measures, including the elimination of gas flaring.

He mentioned penalties and incentives associated with this effort and expressed appreciation for the UAE’s commitment. Tinubu affirmed Nigeria’s dedication to a diversified energy mix, promoting gas usage domestically and for export, and partnering for renewable energy initiatives.

President Tinubu recognized the significant contributions of the United States and China to greenhouse gas emissions, emphasizing the urgent need for Earth’s healing. He urged swift action, calling for increased investment and technological support, especially from major economies that have benefited significantly.

COP28 President Sultan al-Jabar asserted that success in limiting the Earth’s temperature was achievable through collaborative efforts and hard work. John Kerry announced over $1 billion in new grant funding since COP27, with a focus on reducing methane emissions. He highlighted the United States’ efforts to address methane emissions and welcomed new global methane pledge endorsements from several countries.

The Chinese Envoy acknowledged China’s willingness to reduce greenhouse gases but emphasized the need for international support due to capacity limitations in this regard. He called for assistance from the international community.



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