President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria underscored the importance of risk management in facilitating Africa’s swift transition to cleaner energy, recognizing that while Africa contributes minimally to global carbon emissions, it bears a disproportionate economic burden in adopting cleaner energy measures. Speaking at a panel on African Green Industrialisation in Dubai, hosted by the COP28 Presidency and the President of the United Arab Emirates, Tinubu stressed the urgent need for investments in alternative energy for Nigeria and Africa to successfully navigate this transition.

According to a statement by Presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale, President Tinubu highlighted the critical requirement for new investments in key sectors to capitalize on Africa’s substantial potential contribution to the global green economy.

He called for global manufacturers to collaborate in investing in environmental health, presenting Africa as an unparalleled opportunity. Tinubu emphasized the removal of obstacles hindering progress in Africa’s largest economy, making the investment environment cleaner and more favorable.

President Tinubu acknowledged the pressing need to address environmental concerns while also considering the impact of investments on Africa. He cited the challenge of convincing individuals, like a grandmother using firewood for cooking, to shift to solar and alternative energy sources.

Tinubu urged encouraging investments and emphasized the importance of risk management for Africa, highlighting the urgency to translate opportunities promptly. He expressed commitment to progressing with urgency and maximizing the value gained from the continent’s resources.





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