In northwestern Nigeria’s Katsina state, the aftermath of a wedding turned into a nightmare as at least 35 women were reported missing following a mass kidnapping by unidentified assailants. The incident marks the latest in a string of abductions sweeping across Africa’s most populous nation.

According to police spokesman Abubakar Aliyu, the women were abducted by suspected armed bandits who ambushed them on their journey back from the wedding in the Sabuwa area on Thursday night. The scale of the abduction underscores the growing insecurity in the region.

While Aliyu confirmed the abduction of 35 women, Nasiru Muaz, the state’s internal security commissioner, provided a higher estimate, stating that over 50 individuals were taken. Muaz highlighted the vulnerability of the convoy, which was traveling in a bandit-prone area under the cover of darkness, escorting the bride to the groom’s village when the attackers struck.

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