Sanwo-Olu: Lagos Workers' Minimum Wage Raised to N70,000 since January

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has revealed that since January, workers have been benefiting from an additional N35,000 wage allowance. He announced plans for the implementation of a new minimum wage scheme in the near future.

Sanwo-Olu emphasized that employees earning a minimum wage of N35,000 or more have seen their salaries increase to N70,000 or above since the beginning of the year.

During a state function on Thursday, the governor assured civil servants and public officers that the wage allowance adjustment has been transparently executed to support them during these challenging times. In addition to the wage adjustment, Sanwo-Olu detailed the state’s efforts to address economic hardships, including the distribution of food items to 500,000 households through unions and local governments. He also highlighted the ‘Ounje Eko’ initiative, which provides discounted food items through makeshift markets across the local government areas every Sunday.

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