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PRP claims the 2024 budget intends to make Nigerians poorer

The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has asserted that President Bola Tinubu’s recently presented 2024 budget to the National Assembly is designed to perpetuate the ongoing impoverishment of the population.

According to the party, despite the government’s claim of inheriting a financially depleted treasury, its actions, especially in the appointment of officials, do not reflect a sincere commitment to providing a “renewed hope” for the nation.

In a statement released on Sunday titled ‘The Appropriation Bill: Seeing Beyond Semantics,’ the National Chairman of the PRP, Falalu Bello, highlighted that the government’s actions, particularly in the context of the budget, raise doubts about its genuine intention to bring about positive change.

Bello urged Nigerians not to place any expectations on the 2024 budget, implying that it may not lead to the desired improvements or relief for the citizens.

He remarked that although the surface-level presentation of the 2024 budget suggests favorable statistics and assumptions, a closer examination of the underlying assumptions reveals that this administration lacks the readiness for genuine nation-building efforts.

According to Falalu, the prevailing government is perceived as a vestige of the past, ardently safeguarding the interests of a select few oligarchs, and it appears to lack a clear trajectory towards the promising future that Nigerians aspire to attain.

He expressed, “Undoubtedly, this government continues to be a relic of the past, safeguarding the interests of a privileged few without charting a course toward the positive future we aspire to as a nation.

This lack of direction is not surprising, given that it is a continuation of the eight-year APC administration we cautioned Nigerians against reelecting.”

An in-depth examination and assessment of the allocation of funds across various sectors further expose the prevailing mindset within the current government.

The budget reflects somewhat deceptive approaches to both revenue generation and expenditure, demonstrating a conspicuous absence of strategic thinking on how to effectively lift the nation out of its current challenges.

The 2024 budget, as scrutinized and elucidated in this statement, is one that Nigerians should not rely on to foster development and safeguard their well-being.

It appears to be a superficial measure designed to glorify mediocrity and perpetuate the continuous impoverishment of our people.

The hope is that the Town Hall Meetings organized by the two Chambers of the National Assembly will provide a platform to listen to the concerns of Nigerians, including those raised by us and many others, with the aim of addressing these issues and working towards creating a more decent and prosperous nation.

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