Roger Jardine

Roger Jardine to Officially Launch Political Movement, Aims to Reshape South Africa’s Political Landscape

Renowned businessman and anti-apartheid activist, Roger Jardine, is set to officially launch his political movement, the Change-SA, this Sunday in his hometown of Riverlea, south of Johannesburg. The movement, spearheaded by Jardine, seeks to present an alternative to the African National Congress (ANC) in shaping the future of South Africa.

In an exclusive interview with weekend newspapers, Jardine expressed his belief that the ANC no longer aligns with the aspirations and needs of South Africa. His decision to enter politics is fueled by a desire to contribute to the reshaping of the nation’s political landscape.

The Change-SA movement is expected to address the pressing socio-economic challenges facing South Africa. Jardine, a former ANC member, will unveil his vision and proposed solutions during the launch event.

Notable figures from civil society, Mark Heywood and Nicole Fritz, have already pledged their support to Jardine’s movement. Their involvement signifies a cross-section of support from influential voices outside traditional political spheres.

Adding historical depth to the movement is the inclusion of Murphy Morobe, an ANC stalwart and key figure in the 1976 youth uprisings. Morobe’s association with the Change-SA movement underscores its broad appeal and potential to resonate with diverse segments of the population.

Jardine, in his pursuit of building a coalition for change, has acknowledged ongoing discussions with various political parties. While no concrete alliances have been confirmed yet, these negotiations signal a strategic approach to garner support and broaden the movement’s impact.

The official launch event on Sunday promises to be a crucial moment for Roger Jardine and the Change-SA movement as they embark on a journey to redefine South Africa’s political future.

The collaboration with influential figures and the engagement with multiple parties indicate a concerted effort to build a coalition that transcends traditional political boundaries.



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