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Plateau guber case: ‘Respect people’s mandate’

In a fervent display of solidarity, a group of youths representing all 17 local government areas of Plateau State, united under the banner of Plateau Support Network (PSN), has passionately appealed to the judiciary for a reconsideration of the recent Court of Appeal judgment that ousted Governor Caleb Mutfwang.

The call for action was made during a vibrant solidarity walk held in the capital city of Jos, where members of the PSN implored the judicial system to acknowledge and uphold the mandate bestowed upon Governor Mutfwang by the people of Plateau State.

The controversy surrounding Governor Mutfwang’s victory stems from the nullification of his triumph, along with those of other national and state assembly members, in the general elections conducted on February 25 and March 18, 2023.

Credit: Daily Post

The Court of Appeal, in its ruling last month, declared their victories invalid, citing the absence of a functional party structure for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

This judicial decision has triggered widespread condemnation and raised questions about the validity of the electoral process.

Sokshak Shikse, the spokesman for PSN, reflected on the public’s jubilation following Governor Mutfwang’s electoral triumph. Shikse emphasized that the celebrations, which echoed throughout the state for days, signified the overwhelming endorsement of Mutfwang by the people.

He stated, “Governor Caleb Mutfwang, in justifying the mandate given to him and being cognisant of the dreams, hopes, and aspirations of his people, immediately swung to the onerous action of governance.”

Shikse highlighted the administration’s achievements within months of inauguration, citing progress in security, infrastructure, amenities, and human capital development.

The PSN spokesperson underscored the rare quality of leadership demonstrated by Governor Mutfwang, asserting that the state had been lacking such exemplary governance for many years.

He further stressed that the solidarity walk served as an unequivocal expression of support and a vote of confidence for the governor and his ‘The Time is Now’ administration.

Shikse passionately declared, “We only ask that the courts recognize and respect the mandate given by the people to this administration and strictly adhere to the provisions of the constitution regarding the process of its judgments at the petitions tribunal.”

He expressed faith in the integrity of the judiciary, trusting that the esteemed justices of the Supreme Court would exhibit temperance and an unwavering commitment to justice during the forthcoming hearing on the election petition case.

Shikse concluded with a heartfelt appeal, “We believe that her worthy justices will execute justice with God helping them.”

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