Caleb Mutfwang, crowned Nde Jika Golit as the new Ngolong NgasCaleb Mutfwang, crowned Nde Jika Golit as the new Ngolong Ngas

Plateau: After 9 years, the new Ngolong Ngas receives the staff of office

Jos-Nigeria: On Friday, the Plateau State Governor, Caleb Mutfwang, crowned Nde Jika Golit as the new Ngolong Ngas and gave him a certificate and a staff of office, nine years after the death of the former Ngolong Ngas, Nde Joshua Dimlong.

The coronation ceremony, which was held at the Pankshin Township Stadium, attracted many distinguished Ngas people and other well-wishers.

The governor commended the Ngas nation for choosing the new Ngolong Ngas without any conflict or dispute and cautioned troublemakers to avoid unnecessary legal actions that could hinder or delay the appointment and installation of traditional rulers in the State.


He said, “I congratulate the Ngolong Ngas, Nde Jika Golit, on his rise to the throne of his forefathers. His selection by the kingmakers, in a peaceful and harmonious manner, is an example for other ethnic groups in the state to follow.

“Let me state at this juncture that it is very important for us to celebrate this remarkable event at this critical time of our shared existence.

As you know, a week of mourning was announced in memory of our dear people who were brutally killed during the vicious Christmas Eve attacks and the subsequent days, in Bokkos, Mangu, and Barkin-Ladi Local Government Areas.

“We are committed to giving the traditional institutions their due respect. Our solemn pledge as a government is to constantly work towards filling all vacant traditional seats in the State in accordance with my promise and regard for the traditional institutions.

“I am happy to inform this esteemed gathering that the royalty of the Ngas Chiefdom and the Pankshin/Kanke Traditional Council has impressed us by displaying a high level of dignity and good behaviour during the period of transition and up to this moment that God Almighty has granted the land another leader to replace the gap left by the death of the late Ngolong Ngas.”

He added, “As a government, we are resolved to settle all outstanding lawsuits that have caused problems for some communities. This will enable us to fill the empty seats that remain in some parts of the State.

Our aim is to cooperate with all communities in providing concrete development that will enhance the living standards of our people, especially in the rural areas.”

In addition, the Chairman of the Transition Implementation Committee of Pankshin Local Government Area, Hon. Samuel Go’ar said, “As Ngas Nation, we are very happy that today our foundation as a people is being strengthened against the decay of our value system which has been ignored due to the lack of a supreme leader.

We are now sure that our wishes as a people will from now on be with regard to our common interest.”

The Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jacob Gyang Buba who is also the Chairman of Plateau State Council of Chiefs and Emirs praised the new Ngolong Ngas, declared that the Joint Traditional Council will convene next week to formally receive him into the Council and advised politicians to “stop interfering in matters that concern traditional institutions,” and said once the ruling house and the kingmakers have verified the confirmation as Gazetted, the process of the selection of the traditional ruler should be permitted without obstruction.”

The new Ngolong Ngas, Nde Jika Golit expressed his gratitude to his people and Governor Mutfwang for their backing and promised to involve everyone during his rule to foster peaceful coexistence in the area.


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