Ogunbanjo Family Sues Charter Company for Helicopter Crash

The family of the late former Chairman of the Nigerian Exchange Group, Abimbola Ogunbanjo, who tragically perished in a Southern California helicopter crash in February, has taken legal action. On Wednesday, they filed a lawsuit against the US helicopter company involved in the accident.

Dr. Herbert Wigwe, former Chief Executive Officer of Access Holdings, his wife, and son were also passengers on the ill-fated helicopter. The Ogunbanjo family asserts that the flight should have been grounded due to hazardous weather conditions.

The lawsuit alleges that the charter company, Orbic Air, negligently operated the helicopter despite adverse weather, which led to the crash near the Nevada border on February 9. The family seeks answers and accountability for the preventable tragedy.

Ogunbanjo’s wife and children have filed the lawsuit in San Bernardino County Superior Court, accusing Orbic Air and its CEO, Brady Bowers, of wrongful death and negligence. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the crash, and the lawsuit demands a jury trial for burial expenses, funeral costs, and additional damages.

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