Enugu Police Apprehend 45-Year-Old Suspect for Deceitful Acquisition of 18 Rice Bags Meant for Charity

Nnamani Joseph, the apprehended suspect, stands accused of deceiving a local businessman on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024, in Ogui, Enugu. Allegedly posing as a charitable individual, Joseph contacted the businessman requesting 18 bags of rice, valued at N400,000, purportedly for distribution to the needy through a church, whose identity remains undisclosed.

Trusting the stated altruistic motive, the businessman supplied the rice and accompanied Joseph to the bank for payment processing via bank transfer. However, as the businessman awaited confirmation of the transaction in the banking hall, Joseph clandestinely absconded, returning to the church premises and absconding with the rice bags to an undisclosed location, leaving the businessman unsuspecting of the deceit.

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