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Lagos ranks 8th in African cities for healthcare

Numbeo, a research firm specializing in quality of life data, has positioned Lagos as the eighth city with the most commendable healthcare system in Africa.

Utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, Numbeo’s rankings place Cape Town in South Africa at the top, followed by Pretoria and Nairobi.

The burgeoning presence of modern, state-of-the-art hospitals in these cities signifies a growing commitment to providing residents with access to exceptional healthcare services.

Numbeo’s latest Health Index analysis reveals that African cities are excelling in various aspects, including the cost of living, quality of life, and numerous socioeconomic indicators, both within individual cities and on a global scale.

The Health Care Index, a key component of Numbeo’s assessment, offers an approximation of the overall quality of a healthcare system.

It considers factors such as medical expertise, staff, equipment, and expenses to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the healthcare resources, services, and infrastructure available in a particular region.

The top ten African cities with the most robust healthcare systems, according to Numbeo, are as follows:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Pretoria, South Africa
  3. Nairobi, Kenya
  4. Johannesburg, South Africa
  5. Durban, South Africa
  6. Algiers, Algeria
  7. Tunis, Tunisia
  8. Lagos, Nigeria
  9. Cairo, Egypt
  10. Casablanca, Morocco



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