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In response to the Appeal Court ruling, the Army denounces the assault on troops in Nasarawa

The Nigerian Army has vehemently denounced the “unwarranted assault on troops and patrol vehicles during a recent demonstration along Lafia-Makurdi Road in Nasarawa State.”

The protest unfolded as a reaction to the Court of Appeal’s verdict on the gubernatorial election in the state, with demonstrators obstructing the main highway.

This condemnable incident reflects a concerning escalation in tensions and a disregard for the safety of both military personnel and vehicles.

The military underscores the importance of peaceful expressions of dissent and calls for a respectful dialogue to address concerns rather than resorting to violence.

The Army remains committed to upholding law and order while ensuring the protection of citizens and their rights in such challenging situations.

In an official statement released by Brig Gen Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, strong disapproval is expressed towards the protesters’ actions, emphasizing the disappointment and concern over their behavior.

The statement highlights the protesters’ disruptive tactics, such as blocking the main highway, causing extensive traffic congestion for motorists, and launching attacks on the patrol vehicles of troops.

Regrettably, the same protesters who engaged in these confrontations with the troops, now allege that the military convoy deliberately collided with them.

Brig Gen Onyema Nwachukwu refutes these claims, citing video footage and visual evidence from the protest, which evidently shows the troops professionally handling crowd dispersal.

The military prioritized citizen safety and safeguarded public infrastructure during the incident, as documented by the available audio-visual materials.

This response aims to set the record straight and counter the unfounded accusations, reaffirming the military’s commitment to maintaining professionalism and upholding the safety of both citizens and public assets during such challenging circumstances.

It is important to underscore that the Nigerian Army acknowledges and upholds the citizens’ right to voice their concerns through peaceful protests.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to emphasize that such demonstrations must adhere to legal parameters, prioritizing the safety and security of all participants.

Engaging in violence, damaging public property, and assaulting security personnel are actions deemed unacceptable and contrary to the fundamental principles of peaceful protests.

The military’s deployment of troops aimed at preserving law and order, guaranteeing the well-being of all citizens, including protesters, and safeguarding public infrastructure.

This commitment reflects the military’s dedication to maintaining a balance between respecting citizens’ rights and ensuring overall public safety during these events.

The troops were deployed with stringent rules of engagement, focused on preventing the aggravation of violence and sustaining a peaceful environment.

The protesters’ actions, including hurling stones at the troops and attacking patrol vehicles, not only jeopardized the lives of military personnel but also disrupted the originally peaceful nature of the protest.

The Nigerian Army emphasizes the importance of restraint and advocates for peaceful and constructive dialogue among individuals and groups participating in protests.

The use of violence, as demonstrated by the stone-throwing and attacks on patrol vehicles, only serves to escalate tensions and hinder progress in resolving grievances.

In a broader call for collaboration, the Nigerian Army urges community leaders, religious figures, and other stakeholders to actively contribute to promoting peace and harmony in their respective communities.

Recognizing the pivotal role these influencers play, the appeal underscores the collective responsibility in fostering an environment conducive to dialogue and resolution rather than resorting to violent means.

“We want to reassure the public that the Nigerian Army maintains its non-partisan stance and is dedicated to safeguarding the well-being and security of all citizens.

Collaboration with other security agencies will persist to ensure the safety of the people in Nasarawa State and the entire nation. Any manifestation of violence will not be tolerated.

We appeal to both the media and the public to exercise prudence in reporting and sharing information, emphasizing accuracy and fairness.

Let us join hands in fostering a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria through collective efforts and responsible communication.”


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