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Governor Sule alleges PDP plans to incite chaos in Nasarawa

In the aftermath of a recent Court of Appeal judgment affirming Governor Abdullahi Sule‘s electoral victory, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nasarawa State faces accusations from the governor, who alleges that the opposition party is deliberately fueling unrest along religious and ethnic lines.

Expressing these concerns during a press conference in Lafia, Mr Peter Ahemba, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Affairs, claimed that the PDP sought to discredit and blackmail the judiciary by organizing a protest in the state capital following the court ruling.

Ahemba highlighted that the “Coalition of Indigenous People of Nasarawa State,” purportedly sponsored by the PDP, labeled certain state citizens as “foreigners” during what he termed a “stage-managed” protest. He emphasized that such divisive rhetoric was unprecedented in a region known for historical peaceful coexistence among diverse groups.

According to Ahemba, the PDP has consistently pursued a disruptive path since the governorship election campaigns leading up to March 18. Despite warnings from security agencies against inciting a crisis, the opposition party allegedly persisted in efforts to destabilize the state.

Describing the recent protest against the Appeal Court judgment as a calculated attempt to discredit the court’s judgment and blackmail the judiciary, Ahemba criticized the PDP for calling on the international community to intervene in the state’s internal affairs, deeming it a desperate move to advance an ethnic agenda.

Ahemba urged security agencies to take note of the opposition’s rhetoric, cautioning that it has the potential to incite hatred among citizens.

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