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Ebonyi council chairman, Nwali, clashes with council members over alleged unpaid salaries and cult involvement

A tumultuous situation unfolded in the Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State as the council chairman, Mrs. Uphemia Nwali, engaged in a heated confrontation with six councillors over allegations of unpaid wages and remunerations.

The dispute escalated during the presentation of the 2024 budget at the council headquarters in Onueke when seven councillors expressed a vote of confidence in Chairman Nwali.

Reports indicate that the remaining six councillors vehemently opposed and protested the vote of confidence, sparking a serious security breach at the council headquarters.

The aftermath witnessed the vandalization of numerous vehicles, machete attacks on individuals, and the destruction of valuable properties amounting to millions of naira.

Mr Ukpabi Henry, representing Amagu/Nsokkara ward and one of the councillors, conveyed dissatisfaction with the council chairman’s performance.

He alleged non-payment of legislative votes for nine months, neglect of council facilities resulting in overgrown weeds, and a resurgence of cultism and robbery in the area.

Calling on Governor Francis Nwifuru to intervene, Ukpabi urged the state leader to compel Chairman Nwali to settle outstanding entitlements and restore peace in the council.

Responding swiftly, Chairman Nwali refuted claims of owing any entitlements, attributing the conflict to political manipulation by Senator Kenneth Eze.

Nwali asserted that the councillors expressing confidence were in the majority, and the dissenting councillor, Ukpabi, resorted to causing disturbance during the budget presentation.

She clarified, “He went outside and collected a machete from his car and started snatching cars that belong to councillors and other properties that belong to the council.”

The clash underscores the challenges within the local government and the need for swift resolution to ensure stability and efficient governance.

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