A politician in Kano voices distress after his party mistakenly declares him dead, expressing concern that people now perceive him as a ghost.


Musa Mohammed Ali, the 2023 Action Democratic Party (ADP) House of Representatives candidate for Nasarawa Constituency in Kano State, has raised alarm after his party’s Chairman and Secretary, Yabaji Sani and Victor Fingesi, allegedly declared him dead. He laments that this false declaration has led people to perceive him as a ghost.

Ali accuses the party’s Chairman and Secretary of forging and submitting his death certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the purpose of replacing him. In a statement issued on Friday, he demands a formal letter of apology from the Chairman and Secretary for their actions.

The politician highlights that, prior to the general elections, the party leaders had notified INEC of his replacement, falsely claiming that he was deceased. This misinformation has caused significant personal and professional damage to him, affecting his campaign for the House of Representatives Nasarawa Constituency seat in Kano State.

Ali, expressing his heartbreak and trauma, threatens legal action against the party chieftains if they do not retract their false statements and issue a public apology. He emphasizes that he is alive and capable of running for and being elected as a Kano member of the Federal House of Representatives.

Ali recounts the emotional toll of being perceived as deceased, stating that he swore an affidavit at the High Court in Kano on August 31, 2022, affirming that he never withdrew his candidacy and is still alive. He also wrote to the Chairman of INEC on the same day, with acknowledgment received on October 4, 2022. He condemns the actions of the National Chairman and Secretary, describing their behavior as inconceivable, despicable, irresponsible, and wicked. The false announcement of his demise has not only impacted his personal life but has also affected his family and business.





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