Fatal incident at council meeting: Councillor’s grenade donation results in one death and 26 injuries.


During a village council meeting in Keretsky, Ukraine, a local councillor detonated hand grenades, resulting in one fatality and 26 injuries. The incident occurred in the mountainous Zakarpattia region on a Friday morning.

A video released by the police on Telegram depicted a man in black entering the council meeting during a heated discussion. He proceeded to extract three hand grenades from his pockets, removed the safety pins, and dropped them on the floor, causing explosions while attendees screamed.

The police statement reported that 26 people were wounded, with six in critical condition. Medical personnel attempted to resuscitate the individual who initiated the grenade explosions. A terrorism investigation by the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) and a probe into illegal weapons handling by the national police were initiated.

The committee had livestreamed its discussion on social media, revealing that the perpetrator entered more than 1.5 hours into the debate, stood near the door, and then activated the grenades. The ensuing chaos was evident in the dark, smoke-filled room, with injured individuals on the floor.

The authorities did not disclose the identity of the man involved. The incident underscores the widespread access to weaponry among Ukrainians due to the ongoing conflict with Russia.





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