Akpabio reveals details about fainting at his birthday celebration in Abuja.

Senate President Godswill Akpabio has refuted reports suggesting that he collapsed during the colloquium held in Abuja to celebrate his 61st birthday. The initial claim, circulated on Thursday, alleged that Akpabio slumped while seeing off President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Akpabio’s media team, in a statement signed by Eseme Eyiboh, dismissed the reports, characterizing them as “fictionalized extensions” of Akpabio’s acknowledgment of feeling tired at the end of the program. The media team expressed concern about social media channels spreading unfounded news.

The statement highlighted that Akpabio spoke for over 30 minutes during the colloquium, addressing the legislative agenda for Nigeria. Despite stating that he was tired after the program, rumors emerged suggesting a collapse or fainting spell. The media team clarified that these claims were entirely untrue.

Contrary to some reports, Akpabio was not rushed to the National Hospital or in any critical condition. The media team emphasized that the rumors were baseless and misleading.

At the same event, President Tinubu addressed the challenges facing Nigeria, stating that the executive and legislative branches would collaborate to assess and solve these issues for the benefit of the nation. Tinubu expressed confidence in the partnership with Senate President Akpabio and Speaker Abbas, emphasizing their shared commitment to success. Tinubu also spoke highly of Akpabio’s character and their previous collaboration during Tinubu’s tenure as governor in Lagos State.





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