The Benue State government has unveiled plans to revamp the education sector by recertifying teachers to address the concerning decline in teaching standards.

Dr. Terna Francis, the Director-General of Benue State Education Quality Assurance Agency (BEQA), emphasized the urgency of the initiative during a recent interview in Makurdi. He expressed dismay over the deteriorating quality of education across schools in Benue and highlighted Governor Hyacinth Alia’s commitment to rectifying the situation through the agency’s establishment.

Francis highlighted various challenges plaguing the education sector, including structural deficiencies in schools, inadequate qualifications of teachers, and unorthodox learning environments. He stressed the need for immediate action to curb these issues and ensure that education in Benue meets acceptable standards. As part of the efforts, the agency has initiated a recertification process for teachers, aiming to gather comprehensive data on their qualifications and performance. Additionally, stringent measures have been put in place to hold school proprietors accountable for maintaining quality standards, with warnings of school closures for non-compliance.

In his extensive school visits, Dr. Francis has witnessed firsthand the disparities and shortcomings within the education system. He affirmed the agency’s commitment to upholding educational standards, emphasizing that no compromises would be made in ensuring quality education for all students in Benue. With the full support of the government, the agency remains steadfast in its mission to implement effective reforms and elevate the educational landscape across the state.

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