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Zambia News: President Hichilema signs Access to Information bill, making it law

In a momentous development, President Hakainde Hichilema has officially signed the long-anticipated Access to Information Bill (ATI) into law, eliciting enthusiasm from media professionals and various stakeholders across the country.

President Hichilema, addressing the significance of this legislative move, highlighted that the enactment of the ATI into law represents a pivotal achievement for both the media sector and the nation as a whole.

Emphasizing the positive impact, he stated that the new law will facilitate increased access to information for the media and other concerned entities.

The historic signing took place during a press conference held in Lusaka today, underscoring the prolonged journey the legislation has undertaken before reaching this critical juncture.

President Hichilema’s endorsement of the ATI is expected to enhance transparency and empower individuals, promoting human rights and democracy.

The law enables citizens to freely approach government agencies and other institutions to obtain crucial information on various matters.

Thabo Kawana, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Media, affirmed that the enactment of the ATI Bill will eliminate existing barriers, allowing people to access vital information without hindrance.

Notably, he pointed out that the process leading to this momentous occasion has spanned over two decades, highlighting the enduring commitment to achieving this crucial legal milestone.

Earlier this year, Minister of Information and Media Cornelius Mweetwa presented the ATI Bill to parliament, where it received approval before the conclusion of legislative proceedings.

The culmination of this legislative journey marks a significant stride forward in fostering transparency, accountability, and open access to information in the country.


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