Today Marks the Resumption of Schools in Lagos

Today, April 22, 2024, marks the commencement of the Third Term Academic Session for both public and private primary and secondary schools in Lagos. After vacating for the Second Term Academic Session on March 28, 2024, students and teachers are returning to the classrooms to resume academic activities.

Dr. Deji Akinola, from Topdeal Schools in Ikorodu, Lagos, expressed satisfaction with the turnout of students on the first day of resumption. He mentioned that many students have returned, displaying enthusiasm and happiness to be back in school after the holiday break. This eagerness to resume learning signifies a positive start to the new term.

Mr. Gani Kawal, the Spokesperson for the Lagos State Ministry of Education, confirmed the resumption of all public primary and secondary schools in Lagos. He assured me that everything is proceeding smoothly and promised to issue an official statement regarding the resumption before the end of the workday. This confirmation from the Ministry underscores the coordinated effort to ensure a seamless return to educational activities across the state.

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