Nigerian Crowdfunding Efforts Seek Woman Who Turned to Prostitution to Fund Goitre Surgery

Nigerians are on a quest to locate a 26-year-old woman who shared her story in a viral video, explaining how she resorted to prostitution to raise funds for her goitre surgery.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown, was interviewed in a video by a street comedian known as Comicmiss2. In the interview, she bravely disclosed her struggle with a swelling in her neck, diagnosed as goitre, and her desperate efforts to raise the N700,000 needed for the surgery.

Despite her current circumstances, she expressed her determination to stop engaging in prostitution once she raises enough money for her medical procedure, emphasizing that it was not her desired path.

The comedian who conducted the interview and concerned individuals like Oluwatosin Olaseinde of Money Africa have joined forces to locate the woman and raise funds for her surgery, aiming to help her transition away from the streets.

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