Tinubu Asserts Nigeria's Abundance of High-Quality Lithium for Clean Energy

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu highlighted Nigeria’s substantial lithium reserves during a meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands in The Hague on Thursday. Tinubu underscored the potential of these high-grade lithium deposits to fuel the global transition towards clean energy. He reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to fostering a conducive investment climate and forging mutually beneficial partnerships, particularly in the solid minerals sector.

In emphasizing the significance of Nigeria’s mineral wealth beyond oil, Tinubu pointed out the country’s dynamic youth population as a valuable asset for international investors. He stressed the importance of creating opportunities for Nigerian youth to thrive domestically, aiming to curb irregular migration and foster lawful migration channels beneficial to both Nigeria and Europe.

Tinubu expressed confidence in his government’s capacity to make decisive economic choices that would secure Nigeria’s long-term prosperity. He highlighted the resilience of the Nigerian people and the positive performance of the Nigerian currency amidst economic challenges. Prime Minister Rutte acknowledged President Tinubu’s economic reforms, which have bolstered confidence in the Nigerian economy among international investors.

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