Federal Government Vows to Revitalize Textile Sector

The Federal Government has reiterated its commitment to rejuvenating Nigeria’s textile industry, aiming to empower the cotton, textile, and garment sector to bolster employment opportunities and decrease reliance on imports.

Speaking at a town hall meeting of stakeholders in the cotton value chain in Abuja, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Doris Nkiruka Uzoka-Anite, outlined ongoing efforts to attract investors and implement strategies to revive the industry. The minister highlighted projections of creating 200,000 jobs within the next two years, emphasizing the potential of the fashion industry to boost demand for locally produced textiles and garments.

In addition to job creation, the government plans to modernize existing facilities, introduce innovative technologies, and enhance production standards to enhance competitiveness on the global stage. President of the Federation of Agricultural Commodity of Nigeria (FACAN), Sheriff Balogun, emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach and swift action to tackle sector challenges. He underscored the opportunity for garment exports globally and called for support from entities like Dangote to access affordable diesel, especially in the face of foreign exchange crises, low purchasing power, and unemployment.

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