The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria expressed dissatisfaction with the prolonged negotiation process for a new minimum wage and urged the Federal Government to expedite the matter. The TUC President, Comrade Festus Osifo, conveyed this sentiment after the National Executive Council meeting. Osifo ruled out the possibility of finalizing the new minimum wage before the end of May.

TUC highlighted the non-payment of wage awards and palliatives to workers in certain states, especially in the Niger Delta region. They called out states like Delta, Imo, and Benue for failing to compensate their workers despite substantial funds received from the Federation Account. Conversely, they commended states like Borno, Lagos, and Rivers for their proactive approach in addressing the economic challenges faced by workers.

The congress expressed dismay over the delayed wage awards for federal workers, emphasizing the need for immediate payment to alleviate economic hardships. They urged the government to fulfill its commitment to regular salary payments and expedite the implementation of the new minimum wage, as agreed upon in the October 2, 2023, communique.

Comrade Osifo also advocated for the review of outdated labour laws, highlighting the importance of modernizing these laws to reflect current realities. He urged states with significant revenue, such as Akwa Ibom, Kebbi, and Katsina, to do more in supporting workers and addressing economic challenges. Overall, TUC emphasized the importance of empowering the working class to stimulate economic growth and called for swift action from the government to address these pressing issues.

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