Following a devastating 7.5-magnitude earthquake that struck central Japan on New Year’s Day, the death toll has tragically reached 110 as reported five days after the catastrophe. With the focus shifting from locating survivors to the daunting tasks of retrieving bodies and clearing debris, the gravity of the situation intensifies. Authorities express deep concern as 210 people remain unaccounted for in the Ishikawa region of Japan’s Honshu island, indicating an anticipated rise in the death toll.

The formidable work of numerous rescue workers has been considerably impeded by unfavorable weather conditions, including an imminent snow forecast for the following day. Furthermore, roads have been severely disrupted by an estimated 1,000 landslides and extensive cracks, posing significant challenges to access affected areas and conduct rescue operations. Despite the relentless efforts, the daunting combination of adverse weather and damaged infrastructure continues to complicate the ongoing rescue and recovery efforts.

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