the Armed Forces Introduced "Celebrate Nigeria Challenge"

The Defence Headquarters is rallying Nigerians to join in on a fresh initiative, the Celebrate Nigeria Challenge, designed to breathe new life into the nation.

This rallying cry was conveyed via a video shared by the Army on its official X account on Friday. Major-General Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, underscored the significance of persevering through current difficulties for the sake of future prosperity.

He stated, “In the grand scheme, I encourage all citizens to persevere through today’s hardships for tomorrow’s rewards. We should find comfort in the knowledge that all efforts are geared towards restoring Nigeria’s greatness. Together, we can kickstart this journey by taking part in the Celebrate Nigeria Challenge. Thus, I officially launch the Celebrate Nigeria challenge, and I kickstart it by affirming my Nigerian identity, of course, with the Naira as our currency.”

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