Shettima: Tinubu Administration Seeks Partnerships to Address Poverty

In Abuja at the National Savings Group Conference 2024, Vice President Kashim Shettima expressed the federal government’s readiness to collaborate with various stakeholders in tackling the root causes of multidimensional poverty and other socio-economic challenges in Nigeria. The event, themed “Accelerating Financial and Economic Inclusion: The Pivotal Role of Savings Groups in Nigeria,” was organized by prominent organizations such as Care International, Plan International, Oxfam, and others.

Representing the Vice President at the conference, Dr. Nurudeen Abubakar-Zauro, the Technical Advisor to the President on Financial Inclusion, outlined the government’s plans to engage with both local and international stakeholders to enhance inclusion strategies. This engagement aims to leverage the experiences of diverse partners to align Nigeria’s efforts with global best practices in addressing economic disparities and promoting financial inclusion.

Shettima emphasized the importance of effective partnerships in achieving sustainable development goals, particularly in the areas of poverty reduction and economic empowerment. By fostering collaboration with key actors, the government seeks to harness innovative approaches and resources to create inclusive economic opportunities for all segments of society.

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