Save The Children and GSK Launch $1M Immunisation Initiative for Nigeria, Ethiopia

Save the Children and GSK have unveiled a $1 million initiative aimed at empowering local organizations in Nigeria and Ethiopia to tackle obstacles hindering children’s access to vaccinations. This joint effort seeks to address the challenges faced by communities in ensuring that children receive necessary immunizations.

According to a joint statement issued by Save the Children and GSK Immunisation Accelerator on Tuesday, the initiative invites applications from a wide range of entities, including community-based organizations, national NGOs, local research teams, social enterprises, and tech companies. Successful applicants will receive financial and technical support to pilot innovative solutions in real-world settings.

The goal of the initiative is to identify and support promising approaches that can effectively enhance immunization coverage in these regions. By providing funding and resources to selected organizations, Save the Children and GSK aim to amplify the impact of vaccination efforts and improve healthcare access for children in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

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