Military Denies Allegations of Firing on Civilians in Plateau State

In separate operations conducted in Zamfara and Katsina states, Nigerian Army troops have eliminated at least 11 terrorists, disrupting their activities and seizing significant weapons caches. The operations targeted terrorist kingpin enclaves in the region, aiming to dismantle their networks and restore peace to the affected areas.

In Zamfara State, troops raided the hideout of notorious terrorist leader Hassan Yantagwaye in the Tsafe Local Government Area. The ensuing gun battle resulted in the neutralization of three terrorists, including Yantagwaye, and the recovery of a substantial arsenal of arms and ammunition. Additionally, military uniforms were seized from the terrorists, underscoring the sophistication of their operations.

Meanwhile, in Katsina State, troops engaged in a fierce gun battle with terrorists across multiple locations within Faskari Local Government Area. Eight terrorists were neutralized during the operation, and three locally-fabricated guns, along with military uniforms and stolen grains, were confiscated. The successful operations demonstrate the Nigerian Army’s commitment to combating terrorism and safeguarding the region from insurgent threats.

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