On Monday, the National Universities Commission rejected allegations suggesting the discovery of 100 counterfeit professors within various Nigerian universities. The NUC explicitly stated that it never publicized a roster of fraudulent professors in 2024.

In a released statement, the NUC clarified its stance, highlighting that while it initiated a verification process for academics in Nigerian universities back in 2019, no official list of bogus professors was issued. The commission emphasized its 2019 project aimed at compiling and disseminating a comprehensive catalog of full Professors in the Nigerian Universities System. However, during this endeavor, discrepancies were unearthed, notably instances where Associate Professors were incorrectly categorized as full Professors.

The Commission aimed to assure the public by stating that its primary goal was compiling and sharing accurate information regarding the academic ranks within the Nigerian university landscape. Nonetheless, anomalies encountered during this process were acknowledged, including the misclassification of certain academic titles.

PUNCH newspaper

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